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Why take collagen?

We are super excited to have recently started what we think is THE BEST all natural marine collagen, milla.

But why exactly is collagen so good for you?  Check out this blog post from the folks at milla collagen below...

Collagen is very vogue at the moment, but do you know all the benefits?


Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body making up our muscles, bones, skin & digestive system. In our early 20's our body's natural collagen production and levels slowly decline, which is why we start to see our skin wrinkle & feel our body ache as we start to lose this valuable nutrient.


It can be a pretty tricky nutrient to get in with the average diet, which is why you should supplement it with a product like milla.


What does a daily dose of milla collagen do?


  1. It is a fabulous source of protein, so fabulous in fact it contains 19 different amino acids!! It has superior absorption & bioavailability, this means your body doesn’t have to work too hard to reap the benefits. Protein is essential for healing, repair, strength & nourishment.

  2. It supports the integrity of our blood vessels, improves joint health, builds healthy DNA, prevents anxiety, insomnia, improves gut health & in turn the immune system. Impressive! The amino acids in collagen specifically Proline, Glycine, Arginine & Glutamine have some amazing super powers.




What you'll notice taking milla collagen regularly: 

  1. Improvements in your hair, skin & nails. Double blind, placebo-controlled studies have seen significant improvements in skin elasticity, moisture & transepidermal water loss in 8 weeks of collagen supplementation. You’ll notice the growth of your hair, strength of your nails & smoothness of your skin within 1-2 months of taking collagen.

  2. Reduced pain in joints & inflammation of the joints. Collagen helps to cover & hold our bones together so they’re mobile & supported. Research has seen the use of collagen decrease symptoms of osteoporosis & rheumatoid arthritis. It also makes a great post workout supplement with protein to support muscle recovery.

  3. Supports anxiety & insomnia. There is an amino acid abundant in collagen called Glutamine. Glutamine helps us to make a neurotransmitter called GABA which is responsible for feelings of calm & relaxation. This also help with sleep onset & duration. I cant emphasis enough how important a nourished vital nervous system is… it’s truly the foundation for vibrant health.

  4. Improved digestion. Collagen does this by helping the formation of connective tissue, which heals & seals the gut lining. If our gut lining is leaky, toxins & large food particles are able to pass through the protective lining of the digestive tract & this kicks off an inflammatory cascade. There has also been research showing positive effects in irritable bowel syndrome, chron’s disease & ulcerative colitis.

  5. Increased energy production. A shot of collagen will give you protein to stabilize your blood sugar levels, increase muscle mass by converting glucose into energy. A balanced blood glucose level throughout the day is also going to support healthy hormone balance & prevent insulin resistance.

  6. Hormonal harmony. Amino acids are the building blocks for our hormones & without them we just can’t produce the hormones we need. Symptoms of heavy painful periods, PMS, acne & anxiety are among some of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance.


When looking at products, search for those with minimal ingredients without the use of additives & preservatives.  There are very few surprises in milla collagen powder—it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. It has no sugar or artificial flavours and powdered real fruit to add flavour, not stevia or any other kind of sweetener.


Sold on it?  You can shop the milla range, here.

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