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RawFit Performance Protein Bars


2 scoops of Amazonia RawFIT Performance Protein Rich Dark Chocolate

1 cup coconut flour (1/2 cup)

1/2 cup almond flour

1/4 c cacao powder

1/4 c cacao nibs/dairy free choc chips

1/2 c peanut

1/2 c rice syrup dairy free milk


1. Mix dry ingredients in one bowl

2. In a separate bowl melt Coconut Oil, Nut Butter and Rice Malt Syrup until combined

3. Pour melted mixture into the dry mix and stir. Add a dash of Almond Milk if needed.

4. Press into a lined Baking tray or dish

5. Place into fridge until set before cutting into Bars.


RawFit Performance Protein Bars


Recipe shared, with permission, from Amazonia.

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