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Milla Collagen - Nude Passionfruit

Milla Collagen - Nude Passionfruit

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Our collagen powder is easy to incorporate into your diet, and its health and beauty effects are quick to make themselves known.

Here’s what it’s made of and why it’s such a fantastic supplement...


80% purified marine collagen, 20% freeze dried passionfruit powder

Marine collagen is the most bioavailable of the three primary types. As a hydrolysed collagen powder it is more efficiently absorbed by the body than other kinds of collagen.

Our passionfruit flavour comes from the fruit itself, with no sweeteners or sugar giving a clean and natural taste profile.


Clean and Natural:

There are very few surprises in milla collagen powder—it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. It has no sugar or artificial flavours. As mentioned above, we use powdered real fruit to add flavour, not stevia or any other kind of sweetener which you might find in another brand of collagen.

Artificial flavouring is found in so many health supplements, and we prefer our product to be all-natural. Milla is also odourless, and is highly digestible. The recommended daily serving of milla collagen is five grams; two or three heaped spoonfuls.


Gluten free

Dairy free

Highly digestible

No sugar or artificial flavours

Flavoured by fruit

Odourless Premium Marine grade.


Why Milla?

Milla is not just a supplement, but a product that we believe enhances health and wellbeing as well as beauty both inside and out. Collagen offers an array of wonderful benefits to the body, from strong bones to rapid scar healing, smoother skin to weight management.

Why take collagen? Find out here...

Here are the building blocks of the philosophy that drives us.

Confidence Creation

In this day and age of constant stress, stimulation, and questionable marketing messages, it’s difficult to find your centre and your confidence. How you view yourself is important, and it plays a huge part in how you present yourself on the outside too. Our hope is that milla’s products will help you to feel the best version of you —healthy and confident.

Natural Ingredients

What’s inside is important—and that applies not only to people but to products. What makes milla great is high-quality natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, flavours, or fillers. Our collagen powder is marine grade, which means it is made from wild-caught fish scales. Any flavour comes from natural fruit powders, not chemicals created in a lab. It is also hydrolysed, which means that the hydrogen bonds are broken. This causes the collagen powder to have smaller molecules, making it easier to absorb into your bloodstream.

Plastic-free Packaging

We have one planet, and no plan b. It’s a cliche, but very true. We are committed to remaining plastic free with sustainable packaging for our products. ​ Milla collagen is packaged in cardboard tubes, served from metal spoons and sent to you in recycled materials. We promise you, it shows. Confidence Creation