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Who We Are

A family obsessed with bringing you New Zealand’s best Nutrient Dense, Sustainable and Organic protein.

You could say NaturePro all started with Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s right, the Terminator!

Inspired by Arnie’s positivity, goal-setting and, well, his physique, Paul Richards founded iconic Auckland gym, Club Physical in 1981. Over the years, this passion for fitness evolved into wellness, as a plant-rich diet and caring for the planet became just as important to Paul and his family. 

Meet Paul, Chloe and Brahm - a family of black belt-wearing, taekwondo-doing, sustainably-minded, clean food enthusiasts. 

Our clan has banded together to bring you the best organic and ethically-sourced supplements on earth. Whether you’re upping the plant ante, gone completely vegan, or simply minimizing your meat consumption, you’ll benefit from an extra plant-powered boost. 


NaturePro is changing the game

Today, Paul and his brood – Chloe and Brahm – have partnered up to make sure that no matter where you live in New Zealand, you can access high quality, great-tasting protein supplements made out of nutritious sources like hemp, pea, brown rice and soy. 

We’re here to share our experiences, healthy recipes, training hints and nutritional advice while bringing you the most beneficial plant-based supplements you need to power through your day, your workout and your life.


The NaturePro Team


Paul Richards

Claim to fame: Founder of Club Physical

Sport of choice: karate (black belt) and taekwondo

In 1981, with only $800 to his name, Paul threw caution to the wind and launched Club Physical, a gym and complete health club now with four locations in Auckland.   

Through Club Physical, Paul has reached about a quarter of a million people. With numbers like these, he’s noticed two compelling truths about health and fitness:

  1.     Adopting a regular exercise programme boosts health in as little as 90 days.
  2.     Healthy eating is just as important as exercise.

Over the years, Paul has evolved from steak-loving fitness enthusiast to clean eating guru, and he wants to help more Kiwis discover the value of a plant-forward diet. He’s teamed up with three of his children to share stories, recipes and tips while sending the best natural protein powder and supplements to homes across New Zealand.

"From my own perspective for NaturePro I was set on finding the nutrition best for my family, myself and our clients. Not to be an all-inclusive supermarket, but a high value offering that YOU can count on." - Paul


Brahm Richards

Claim to fame: 2018 Commonwealth Games wrestler

Sport of choice: wrestling, karate (black belt), judo (brown belt)

Brahm is the baby of the family, the only boy with five older sisters! He grew up with a passion for all sports, but when Brahm found wrestling, he was hooked. He loved the sport’s intensity, the training and discipline required, and how it made him an all round better athlete.

Brahm started competing in international wrestling competitions at 14, heading over to Australian, American and Oceanic championships. He’s now moving on to mixed martial arts.

In his final year of a Bachelor of Business at Massey University, Brahm brings business savvy to NaturePro’s general operations and marketing. He uses his expertise to offer the best protein powders and nutritional advice to people across New Zealand. 


Chloe Richards

Claim to fame: world traveller and personal trainer

Sport of choice: karate (brown belt), taekwondo (black belt)

Chloe - the family’s adventurer - spent a decade travelling overseas. She was a personal trainer in Sweden, managed a fitness centre in New York and worked in minus 32-degree weather on a ski mountain in Canada. She picked up a few languages, a Swedish fiancé and a passion for sustainability along the way.

Chloe is the health club manager at Club Physical Whangaparaoa. She loves getting to know her club members and seeing them reap the rewards of regular exercise. She keeps the club running smoothly and takes excellent care of her staff.  

Studying an advanced diploma in Sports Nutrition and Weight Management, Chloe makes sure NaturePro’s shelves are stocked with only the best nutrient-dense protein powders and she’s always happy to talk nutrition with her customers.